Marine and freshwater aquatic ecology, environmental consultancy and survey specialists

Carcinus Ltd provides expert marine and freshwater aquatic environmental, ecological and survey advice and support throughout the life of any project. We manage and deliver environmental consultancy and ecological services for projects ranging from major infrastructure developments to niche and highly bespoke projects.

Our team of experienced freshwater and marine environmental consultants, aquatic ecologists and surveyors are available to provide marine ecology surveys, and aquatic ecology surveys, alongside our environmental consultancy services, including scoping, Environmental Assessments (EIA, HRA and WFD), consenting, planning and licensing support and post consent monitoring.

Freshwater and Marine Environmental Consultancy:-

  • Baseline Characterisation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Scoping
  • Habitat Regulations Appraisal (HRA)
  • Water Framework Directive (WFD) Assessment
  • Stakeholder / Regulator Engagement
  • Environmental Legislation Advice
  • Town and Country Planning
  • Marine Licensing and Consent Support
  • Site Selection and Feasibility
  • Environmental Management and Monitoring
  • Ecological Survey Design, Specification and Delivery
  • Post-Consent Monitoring
  • Water Quality, Bathing Waters and Shellfish Hygiene Assessment
  • Environmental Project Management

Marine Environmental Surveys:-

  • Benthic Ecology - Subtidal and Intertidal
  • Benthic Macro-Invertebrate Analysis
  • Intertidal Fish Ecology - Seine, Fyke, Trammel and Gill Netting
  • Subtidal Fish and Shellfish Ecology - Trawls, Potting and Camera
  • Phase 1 Habitats and Biotopes
  • Plankton Sampling - Zoo-, Phyto- and Ichthyoplankton
  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Sediment Sampling - Ecology and Chemistry
  • Entrainment & Impingement Monitoring
  • Aerial UAV / Drone
  • Autonomous Survey Vessels (ASV)

Freshwater Environmental Surveys:-

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Fish Ecology and Fisheries
  • Fish Rescue and Translocation
  • Electrofishing
  • Macro-invertebrates
  • Macrophytes and National Vegetation Classification (NVC)
  • Habitat Mapping and Phase 1 Habitats
  • Catchment Studies and Walkovers
  • Spawning Habitat and Redd Counts
  • River Habitat Surveys (RHS)
  • Lake Habitat Surveys (LHS)
  • Water Quality and Chemistry
  • Aerial UAV / Drone

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Carcinus Ltd is a leading marine and freshwater environmental consultancy and survey specialist. Our highly experienced team provide exemplar services to a wide range of clients to support all stages of development projects from feasibility, EIA and beyond to post consent monitoring.

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Carcinus Ltd offers a broad range of environmental, ecological, topographic and hydrographic consultancy and survey services for clients operating in both freshwater and marine environments. All services are underpinned by our robust health and safety and quality management systems.

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Carcinus Ltd provides high quality aquatic environmental consultancy and survey services to a wide range of clients operating in the Construction, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy, Energy from Waste and Biomass and Conventional Energy, Ports and Harbours, Transport, Water, Utilities and Government & NGO sectors.

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