Processing fish ecology samples

Marine Environmental Survey – Victoria Harbour, Hartlepool

Carcinus was commissioned to design and implement a multidisciplinary marine ecological survey of the approach channel and turning basin of Victoria Harbour, Hartlepool. The purpose of the study was to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), with respect to predicted impacts of the proposed dredging and construction operations associated with scheme.

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Joshue baker - Ecological Diver HSE Part IV

Benthic Ecology Survey – Chichester Harbour

Carcinus Ltd was commissioned to undertake a benthic ecology survey in support of maintenance dredge operations within the navigation channel of Emsworth Yacht Harbour. Under the terms of its dredging license from Chichester Harbour Conservancy (CHC), and in accordance with the Chichester Harbour Baseline Document Dredging Protocol, Emsworth Yacht Harbour Ltd required a survey to be undertaken to assess the benthic ecology and substrate composition of Treloar Hole, located within the entrance of Chichester Harbour.

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