Marine ecology surveys in offshore, coastal estuarine and intertidal environments

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Marine Ecology Surveys

Carcinus deliver marine ecology surveys in intertidal, estuarine, coastal and offshore environments. Our surveys are planned and managed to meet our clients’ needs using the latest industry standards, methodologies and best practice. All our surveys are undertaken in accordance with our stringent health and safety protocols and are fully risk assessed.

Each survey is geared towards acquiring data in the most cost-effective manner that will robustly address our clients’ needs. We employ highly experienced professional marine scientists who are trained, qualified and accredited to work in the marine environment. All of our marine scientists have over 10 years’ commercial marine ecology survey experience, working across a broad range of industry sectors including renewables, oil & gas, marine aggregates and coastal developments. To this effect, we can draw upon our experience to design, organise and implement our marine ecology survey services as outlined below.

Benthic fauna sample processing

Sediment sample processing – Our marine ecologists and chemists provide specialist sediment sampling, analysis and reporting services for both sediment chemistry and invertebrate fauna.

Fish and Shellfish Ecology Surveys

Carcinus undertake ecological and commercial fisheries survey and data analysis services. Our specialist fish ecologists and fisheries scientists have a detailed knowledge of fish ecology, fisheries science and the commercial fishing industry. Our marine fish and shellfish ecology services include:

Benthic Ecology Surveys

Carcinus provides a wide range of subtidal and intertidal benthic and epibenthic ecological surveys for marine and estuary environments. Our experienced benthic ecologists undertake all stages of benthic survey delivery, including regulator consultation to agree survey design, planning, field survey and reporting. 

Survey outputs are designed to meet our clients’ needs, whilst also ensuring they meet regulatory requirements. Outputs typically comprise baseline survey reports and Phase 1 habitat assessments that are used to inform scoping, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Habitat Regulations Appraisals (HRA) or licencing such as Marine Management Organisation (MMO)Natural Resource Wales (NRW) or Marine Scotland marine licence applications.

Offshore Survey Personnel

Carcinus provides offshore survey personnel to act as survey lead, fisheries observers, client representatives and Marine Mammal Observers (MMO’s) for third party assessments, including offshore geophysical and seismic surveys, geotechnical surveys, piling, cable laying and ecological surveys within UK waters and overseas.

Our offshore survey personnel hold the required health, safety and technical training required to deliver these services in a safe and reliable manner, ensuring the clients’ needs are best represented. All offshore survey staff hold the following industry certifications / qualifications:

  • UKOOA Seafarer Medical;
  • OPITO approved Further Offshore Emergency Training;
  • JNCC Marine Mammal Observer; and
  • Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) & Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Gulf of Mexico  – Protected Species Observer (PSO).

More Information

If you would like more information, please read and download our Capability Statements or learn about our recent projects below. Alternatively, you can contact us.

Capability Statements

Recent Projects

Carcinus Ecologist Intertidal Survey

East Tipner Environmental Impact Assessment

We were recently contracted to conduct an ecological survey of the intertidal mudflat at East Tipner, Portsmouth. Our client was applying for planning permission to redevelop the brownfield land adjacent to the area, and our survey results have since been used to inform an Environmental Statement in support of the application.
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Fyke net fishing at Southport Marine Lake

Southport Marine Lake

Carcinus were recently contracted to complete Marine Ecology Surveys and input to the EIA for a new Marine Lake Events Centre in Southport. This survey took the form of a Phase I Habitat Survey, followed by a Secondary Extended Phase I and Fish Ecology survey to characterise the intertidal communities, sediments, and habitats in the area. The surveys were used to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed development, for which Carcinus provided support in the form of scoping and delivery of an Environmental Statement chapter.
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Bramley Moore Dock looking south

Everton Football Clubs brand new stadium

Everton Football Club’s brand new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock has been shortlisted as a host stadium as part of the UK & Ireland’s bid to host the #UEFAEuro2028 Championships. Carcinus Ltd are proud to have supported the preparation of an Environmental Statement for the project and look forward to seeing the construction of the stadium progress!
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Processing fish ecology samples

Marine Environmental Survey – Victoria Harbour, Hartlepool

Carcinus was commissioned to design and implement a multidisciplinary marine ecological survey of the approach channel and turning basin of Victoria Harbour, Hartlepool. The purpose of the study was to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), with respect to predicted impacts of the proposed dredging and construction operations associated with scheme.
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Benthic Ecology and Sediment Chemistry Survey

Carcinus Limited was commissioned to provide specialist marine ecology survey and reporting services in support of a new vessel lay-by berth within the entrance to the River Medina, East Cowes for the purposes of informing a marine licence application for dredge spoil disposal and an ecological impact assessment. The potential environmental effects originating from the proposed development were identified and screened. The need for a comprehensive sediment sampling programme was identified and delivered, to fully characterise the subtidal benthic ecology and sediment chemistry within and surrounding the proposed development.
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