Shellfish Classification Zone Assessments: May 2020 – Present

Legislative Requirement

Carcinus Ltd is contracted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to undertake sanitary surveys (Classification Zone Assessments) for new Bivalve Mollusc Classification Zones (BMCZs) in England and Wales on behalf of the FSA. These assessments are to demonstrate compliance with the requirements stated in Article 56 of Retained EU Law Regulation (EU) 2019/627, under which the FSA is the Central Competent Authority (CCA).

Below you can find details of all classification zone assessments undertaken since May 2020; assessments undertaken prior to this date can be found here.

Classification Zone Assessments

The assessment for each shellfish area evaluates the sources and types of microbiological contamination that may affect the specific area. This process is also referred to as a sanitary survey, and considers the following information, which is assessed to determine the location for sampling (the Representative Monitoring Point – RMP), the sampling plan and the boundary for classification:

The location and extent of the applied-for area;
The species of shellfish to be harvested;
The method and seasonality of harvest;
The location, nature, volume, and treatment of any sewage discharges;
Freshwater inputs and diffuse urban and rural pollution;
Other sources of contamination including moored vessels and wildlife;
The hydrodynamics of the area; and
Existing and past shellfish classification status and EC designated bathing waters results.

Any relevant shellfish disease control orders in place are also considered.

All Shellfish Classification Zone Assessments conducted since May 2020 are presented below.

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