Shellfish Sanitary Survey Reviews – May 2020 – Present

Legislative Requirement

On this page, you can find details of all shellfish sanitary survey reviews conducted since May 2020.

In line with Article 58 of retained EU Law (EU) Regulation (2019/627) Carcinus Ltd. is contracted to undertake reviews of existing sanitary surveys in England and Wales on behalf of the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The FSA undertakes targeted sanitary survey reviews to ensure public health protection measures continue to be appropriate.

Shellfish Sanitary Survey Reviews

Each shellfish sanitary survey review considers changes to bacterial contamination sources (principally from faecal origin) and the associated loads of the faecal indicator organism Escherichia coli (E. coli) that may have taken place since the original sanitary survey was undertaken. The shellfish review also ensures sampling plans and the representative monitoring points (RMPs) continue to be accurately positioned to capture pollution sources and ensure risks are monitored.

For each review, an initial consultation with the Local Authorities (LAs) responsible for the relevant Bivalve Mollusc Production Area (BMPA) and the Environment Agency is undertaken. The information gathered in the initial consultation, together with an assessment of publicly available information on the geographical characteristics of the area and potential sources of pollution is used to prepare a draft report. A wider second round of consultation with LAs and Local Action Group (LAG) members is undertaken following production of the draft report. It is recognised that dissemination and inclusion of a wider stakeholder group, including local industry, is essential to sense-check findings and strengthen available evidence. The draft report is reviewed taking into account the feedback received and the finalised document is published here.

Specifically, each review considers:

Changes to the shellfishery (if any);
Changes in microbiological monitoring results;
Changes in the sources of pollution impacting the production area or new evidence relating to the actual or potential impact of sources;
Changes in land use of the area; and
Changes in environmental conditions.

All Shellfish Sanitary Survey Reviews published since May 2020 are available to read and download below.

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