Blue Robotics BlueROV2 Heavy Config Retrofit Kit

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This kit provides the components needed to upgrade to the BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration with an additional two vertical T200 thrusters (4 in total), providing a full 6 degrees of freedom control, increased buoyancy, and external thruster guards. Note this upgrade requires the use of two additional penetrator holes on the main enclosure.

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The BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit upgrades your ROV to have four vertical T200 thrusters (an additional two thrusters), external thruster guards, and additional buoyancy.

You gain full 6 degree-of-freedom control and active stabilization in both the roll and pitch axis’s making the BlueROV2 Heavy the most stable but maneuverable mini ROV on the market.

The upgrade kit is compatible with every BlueROV2 as all models have the mounting holes needed to upgrade to the heavy configuration.

The additional buoyancy provides more stability and lifting capacity.

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