Blue Robotics Fathom ROV Tether (ROV-ready)

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This professional-grade neutrally buoyant tether combines rugged strength and durability with high-performance electrical characteristics for wide-ranging ROV and subsea applications. The tether comes with a pre-installed Binder 770 connector and WetLink Penetrator.

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Product Description

The Blue Robotics Fathom Tether is a high quality tether cable designed specifically for ROVs and other subsea applications and is ideally suited for use with the BlueROV2. It is neutrally buoyant, has 300-350 lb breaking strength, and is embedded with water-blocking fibers to seal any leaks. With a diameter of 7.6mm, these tethers are slimmer than the vast majority of comparable ROV tethers.

The tether carries four unshielded twisted pairs (UTP) of 26AWG wire. These pairs are coloured and arranged in the same fashion as a Cat5 networking cable and therefore includes cross-talk resistance. A pre-installed Binder 770 plug makes it easy to connect to the FXTI interface of the BlueROV2 and Fathom Spool. A cable penetrator is installed at the other end to interface with the Blue Robotics ROVs or any of our watertight enclosures.

The core of the cable contains Kevlar strands for strength and Dacron fibers for space filling. Both fibres are impregnated with water-blocking compound to block any leaks caused by nicks or rips in the cable. The high-visibility yellow polyurethane foam jacket resists abrasion and provides neutral buoyancy.

The stiffness of the cable is designed to be flexible enough to give plenty of freedom to your ROV, but stiff enough that it does not become tangled easily.

Blue Robotics has conducted ranged communications testing and found that 300m is the maximum communications length for the Standard Fathom Tether and do not recommend lengths greater than this.

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