WetLink Bulkhead Wrench

£15.00 Excl. VAT

Easily and securely tighten cable penetrators and bulkheads in tight quarters with this specially designed wrench! It’s made of hardened tool steel for a long life and has a square drive socket adapter to be used with a socket wrench.

Delivery time: 5 to 7 working days


Product Description

Blue Robotics’ / WetLink cable penetrators have flats that making tightening relatively easy, however when you pack a bunch of them together it gets more difficult. That’s particularly true with the 18-hole end-cap used on the BlueROV2. This specially designed wrench makes it significantly easier to tighten penetrators in tight spaces.

The wrench is made of hardened chrome-plated steel and includes a lever bar designed to apply just the right amount of torque to tighten the penetrator. This tool is a great addition to your field toolbox!

Note: We recommend tightening the penetrators with your fingers and then use this wrench to tighten them an additional ~1/16 of a turn. When done, you should not be able to remove the penetrators by hand.