Since incorporation in 2016, our team has grown and diversified, enabling Carcinus to provide a wide range of environmental services. We pride ourselves on the high quality support we offer our clients and ensure our team and associates always comprise highly qualified and recognised individuals with 'real world' commercial experience of operating in the aquatic environment sector.

Our team have managed and delivered environmental consultancy and ecological services for major infrastructure projects throughout the UK and overseas, ranging from inland waters and coastal development to offshore projects for the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. All staff have a clear understanding of project consenting requirements within UK freshwater, coastal and marine environments.

Our environmental and ecological consultants regularly engage with stakeholders and regulators and have established relationships with regulatory and statutory nature conservation bodies and stakeholders working in or near aquatic environments. Our staff have contributed to Regulatory Advisory Groups (RAG) promoting survey and data interpretation methodologies and hold high profile fellowships and memberships of professional institutions and organisations relevant to the fields of biology, zoology, fisheries and archaeology.

Our Management Team

In addition to our directors described above, Carcinus is underpinned by a pool of experienced and competent ecologists, environmental consultants and surveyors. All staff are highly qualified and have a minimum of 10 years direct hands on commercial experience of working within the aquatic environment sector.

To further our breadth of services and expand our core offering, Carcinus Ltd works closely with a select network of associates and partner organisations who in combination with us provide additional services ranging from specialist ecological and geomorphology services, Autonomous Survey Vessels (ASVs), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) / drones, survey vessels and chemical and taxonomic laboratory services.


CES Ltd - arboriculturalist, terrestrial ecologists and partners to Carcinus LtdCES (Camps Environmental Services Ltd) are a landscape, arboricultural and environmental consultancy delivering a range of high quality bespoke services to UK clients from their Hampshire base. With over 30 years of combined experience within the arboriculture, environmental management and assessment industry, CES Ltd compliments Carcinus with services across the following specialisms; Arboriculture, Landscape Management, Environmental Support Services and Asset Management for linear infrastructure. Services include:

  • Woodland plot surveying & management plans;
  • Asset surveys;
  • Terrestrial ecology & habitat surveying and monitoring;
  • Environmental impact assessments;
  • Environmental studies;
  • Environmental management and auditing;
  • Landscape management plans;
  • Landscape strategies;
  • Invasive & injurious weed management and treatments; and
  • Site clearance specifications.

AQASS Limited - Aquatic Associates and partners to Carcinus Ltd

AQASS Limited is a provider of bespoke services to achieve greater understanding and effective management of aquatic resources through consultancy, research and education.With backgrounds in marine ecology, invasive species, pollution impact and habitat restoration advice, as well as freshwater habitat and indicator species assessment, hydromorphology assessment, water resources management and geospatial analysis, AQASS compliments Carcinus with services including:

  • Advisory services for marine habitat restoration and enhancement;
  • Assessment and management of ecological risk from marine pollution and sediment contamination;
  • Assessment and management of invasive species risks and pathways;
  • River habitat assessment and hydromorphology surveys;
  • Geospatial analysis, modelling and complex geodatabase creation and management;
  • Interactive web mapping and GeoApp development;
  • Survey and assessment of aquatic habitats for management and impact aspects;
  • Education dissemination to undergraduate and post graduate, plus public audiences.


Dr Steve Jarvis - Associate Aquatic TaxonomistDr Steve Jarvis - Associate Aquatic Taxonomist

Steve has over 20 years’ experience in marine environmental services, working in both research and commercial roles. After completing a zoology degree at Bristol and a Ph.D. in meiofaunal ecology at the School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor, he has developed extensive experience within the commercial sector, planning and executing environmental surveys and managing taxonomic laboratories. He has a wide-ranging knowledge of marine and estuarine systems, survey techniques and specialises in aquatic invertebrate fauna, both benthic and planktonic.

For the past 11 years he has become an established zoologist, concentrating on the analysis of faunal samples for a wide range of clients. He has extensive knowledge of UK continental shelf fauna and has also worked on samples from West Africa, Western Australia and deep sea Angola. Since 2010, he has been a participant in the NMBAQC scheme and regularly attends a range of taxonomic workshops.

Steve maintains an extensive reference collection that is an indispensable aid to identification and maintenance of consistency over time. Specimens are added to the collection whenever possible.

As a highly experienced and industry recognised aquatic taxonomist, Steve supports Carcinus on a number of projects.

Rebecca Emmett - Freshwater / Aquatic macroinvertebrate taxonomist

Rebecca Emmett B.Sc. - Associate Freshwater Macroinvertebrate Taxonomist

Rebecca is a freshwater macroinvertebrate taxonomist with over 10 years’ commercial experience working across the aquatic industry and gained her Natural History Museum (NHM) IDQ in freshwater macroinverts (species level - E062) in 2010. Much of her work has been conducted as part of Water Framework Directive (WFD) associated projects, ecological impact assessments (EcIA) and pollution incidents across a variety of freshwater environments.

Rebecca routinely works in support of some of the UK’s leading environmental consultancies and utilities companies where she has analysed over 700 samples to species level and over 200 samples to family level. More recently, Rebecca has gained specialist knowledge of zooplankton and larval chironomidae identification to species level and is also experienced at fish scale reading to accurately determine age.

Having worked extensively within the private sector, Rebecca has a good understanding of UKAS accredited laboratory requirements and rigorous quality control (QC) procedures that include both internal and external audits.

Rayner Piper - Aquatic Ecologist and Associate of Carcinus Ltd

Rayner Piper - Associate Ecologist

Rayner is a fish ecologist and environmental consultant with over 15 years experience in environmental consultancy, conservation and research. Rayner specialises in the aquatic ecology of offshore, coastal, estuarine, wetland, tidal tributary and freshwater environments and the effects of infrastructure development on these environments.  

Rayner is an experienced aquatic consultant and has led and worked on a number of high profile projects (including Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) projects), providing specialist ecological advice on aquatic ecology, fisheries and underwater noise to a wide range of marine industries including power, renewables, ports and harbours, and marine aggregates.

His project experience includes: fisheries assessment and management; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), consents and legislative compliance; stakeholder consultation, and producing Marine Protected Area guidance.

As a highly competent consultant and field scientist, Rayner supports Carcinus Ltd on a range of projects and surveys.

Work with Us

Carcinus is always keen to pursue opportunities for collaboration with partner companies who believe that our experience and expertise may compliment their current service offering or where potential associates and partners deliver services or hold expertise that could complement our current capability, please contact us to discuss.