Antonia Davis BSc (Hons)

Marine and Freshwater Ecologist

Having discovered her passion for scuba diving and marine life during a trip to Australia, Antonia gained her undergraduate degree in Marine Biology from the University of Plymouth in 2019. As part of the program, Antonia completed her Honours project focused on the invasive Lionfish species present in Honduras, where their population is relatively understudied. In the summer of 2018, Antonia spent 6 weeks working with an NGO in the Caribbean collecting and analyzing data on their diet and size. She also partook in reef surveys, fauna and flora ID, and community outreach.

Before joining Carcinus Ltd in late 2022, Antonia spent a little over two years working in a consulting role in both technological and medical recruitment. She brings a wealth of experience in client engagement and management, and project delivery.

Prior to this position, Antonia gained experience as a Graduate Biologist with Thomson Environmental Consultants as part of the Marine team. This was a lab-based role with high levels of invertebrate sample processing from across Europe and Africa. She was actively involved in all aspects of project delivery, including taxonomic identification, PSA analysis, biomass of samples, and creation of ID collections for future use.

Antonia joined the team at Carcinus in November 2022, and is looking forward to working alongside Joshua in delivering key projects across our environmental consultancy and ecological survey capabilities.

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Antonia Davis - Marine and Freshwater Ecologist and Consultant

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