UAVs / Drones Guidance for Marine Monitoring Published

Carcinus Ltd, partnered with MarineSpace Ltd, Alauda Aerial Surveys Ltd and JNCC have written the latest Marine Monitoring Platform Guidelines on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) / drones, published by JNCC in June 2019. The guidelines, titled “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for use in marine monitoring”, aim to support marine environmental practitioners in the use of UAVs / drone for marine monitoring. The benefits of using UAVs over more traditional methodologies are explored, along with logistical and operational requirements associated with UAV / aerial surveys for marine monitoring.

Lead author Matthew Crabb (Carcinus Ltd – Managing Director) is quoted as saying:

I am really pleased to have been involved in this project and looking forward to continuing our use of these technologies for our ecological and asset inspection survey services at Carcinus Ltd”

The JNCC UAV guidelines are now available to download from the JNCC website – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for use in marine monitoring

Carcinus provide a wide range of bespoke aerial survey, remote sensing, mapping, asset inspection and data processing services for freshwater, riparian and coastal environments. Our continued early adoption of modern technologies and developments enables us to provide our clients with high quality, cost effective and scientifically robust ecological monitoring and survey services.

The JNCC Marine Monitoring Platform Guidelines – “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for use in marine monitoring”

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