Stakeholder and regulator engagement is vital to overall project success

Stakeholder and Regulator Engagement

Carcinus believes that thorough stakeholder and regulator engagement is an important element of any project. Where needed, Carcinus seeks to define a stakeholder and regulator engagement plan at project inception, ensuring it reflects the clients’ experiences with stakeholders to date and is sensitive to the relationships that have already been developed and any known and potential concerns stakeholder may have. The objectives of stakeholder engagement are:

To enable stakeholders to have their say on a project and to address any issues and concerns
To ensure that all environmental impacts are considered and the necessary mitigation measures applied
To fully articulate the environmental, economic and social benefits of a project
To promote awareness and understanding of the project to gain community and stakeholder buy-in
Commercial fishing vessel unloading quota of fish caught using trawling gear

Experienced Staff

Carcinus staff regularly engage with stakeholders and regulators to ensure all potential project concerns are identified and ensure that field surveys, analysis and interpretation methodologies provide adequate information for impact prediction, impacts are robustly assessed and proportionate mitigation measures and monitoring plans are specified. Carcinus staff have developed and maintain strong relationships with regulatory bodies, statutory nature conservation bodies and stakeholders working in or near aquatic environments.

Carcinus staff have attended Regulatory Advisory Group meetings to promote survey methods and data interpretations and to discuss proposed project mitigation options. We have a clear understanding of the common consenting concerns within UK freshwater, coastal and marine environments.

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