News and Updates from Carcinus Ltd

Please find below the latest news and updates about the marine and freshwater ecological and environmental solutions and advice that our specialist consultants and ecologists are providing to our clients.

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  • Sensefly eBee fixed wing habitat mapping droneUAVs / Drones Guidance for Marine Monitoring Published
    Carcinus Ltd, partnered with MarineSpace Ltd and Alauda Aerial Surveys Ltd have written the JNCC’s latest Marine Monitoring Platform Guidelines on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) / drones, published June 2019. […]
  • Processing fish ecology samplesMarine Environmental Survey – Victoria Harbour, Hartlepool
    Marine Environmental Surveys Carcinus was commissioned to design and implement a multidisciplinary marine ecological survey of the approach channel and turning basin of Victoria Harbour, Hartlepool. The purpose of the study was to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), with respect to predicted impacts of the proposed dredging and construction operations associated with scheme. A […]
  • Carcinus - River Restoration Centre MemberRiver Restoration Centre Membership and Conference
    Membership of the River Restoration Centre We are proud to announce that Carcinus is now a member of the River Restoration Centre (RRC), as a specialist aquatic environmental consultancy and survey company, our services are a perfect fit with the those offered and promoted by the RRC. Carcinus provides a wide range of ecological and environmental services for freshwater environments both within […]
  • Electric fishingSupporting Future Fisheries Scientists
    Throughout the course of last summer, Carcinus Ltd were engaged in numerous freshwater fisheries and ecological studies involving protected species monitoring, habitat mapping and electric fishing. This gave us the ideal opportunity to partner with Sparsholt University Centre to offer students the chance of gaining some practical work experience. With all the relevant permissions and licences in […]
  • Quantitative lamprey electrofishing surveyLamprey Survey Population Assessment – River Itchen SAC SSSI
    Lamprey condition assessment Carcinus Ltd has been commissioned by Natural England and the Environment Agency to undertake a catchment wide lamprey population study on the River Itchen, Hampshire. The River Itchen is a designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The river forms part of Natural England’s “Hampshire chalk catchment” focus area and […]