Marine and freshwater aquatic environmental consultancy and survey solutions

Environmental consultancy and survey services

Carcinus provides expert aquatic environmental consultancy and survey advice and support to its clients throughout the life of a project. Drawing on our extensive experience of the physical, biological and human aspects of aquatic environments, Carcinus offers products and services to a wide range industries and organisations. By employing staff and engaging with industry partners with in-depth knowledge of diverse market sectors and environments, Carcinus delivers expert advice and aquatic environmental services that include:

Environmental Consultancy

- Environmental Assessments
- Stakeholder Engagement
- Site Selection
- Project Feasibility
- Survey Design and Specification

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Water and Sediment Quality

- Water Quality
- Sediment Chemistry
- Bathing Waters
- Shellfish Hygiene
- Catchment Based Approach

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Marine Ecology Surveys

- Subtidal Fisheries
- Intertidal Fisheries
- Benthic Ecology
- Habitat Surveys
- Fisheries Engineering
- Offshore Personnel

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Topographic Surveys

- Survey Control
- Laser Scanning
- River Channel Surveys
- Beach Profiling
- 3D Modelling

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Aerial Surveys

- 2D Photogrammetry
- Point Clouds, Mesh and 3D Models
- Digital Surface and Terrain Models
- Multispectral Analysis
- Habitat Mapping

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Freshwater Ecology Surveys

- Fish Ecology
- Macrophytes
- Phase I Surveys
- Catchment Surveys
- Macro-invertebrates
- Protected Species

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Hydrographic Surveys

- Lake Surveys
- River Profiles
- Flood Management
- River Catchment Surveys
- Intertidal Zone Surveys

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Freshwater environmental consultant advice and surveys including EIA, HRA, fisheries surveys, catchment management, redd counts, salmonid habitats, catchment walkovers, electro-fishing, licencing and planning supportEfficient and high quality delivery

Through active cooperation between internal specialists and partners, Carcinus delivers efficient and integrated services, maximising cost savings to our clients. Our integrated approach brings together the right experienced staff and resources to deliver solutions to exceed client expectations.

Close working with key industry stakeholders, regulators and other interested parties is recognised as key to realising positive project outcomes. Carcinus maintains strong relationships across all our areas of operation and actively seeks engagement with stakeholders throughout the life of a project.


Carcinus aims to exceed client expectations and strives for excellence in the delivery of its services. This is achieved through a process of continual improvement and refinement of our services and internal processes. New technologies, knowledge and ideas are appraised and implemented to the benefit of our clients, enabling us to stay at the forefront of our industry and offer the best possible service.

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