Site Selection and Feasibility studies

Benefits of Site Selection and Feasibility Studies

Carcinus provides project site selection and feasibility support to clients at the early stages of projects, benefiting clients with a clear steer on potential consenting and development constraints that may influence final project location, design and operation considerations. Our clients can therefore reduce project risk and ensure baseline and scoping studies are fit for purpose.

An environmental site selection and feasibility study should consider all environmental factors associated with a planned project, including the physical site conditions, ecology and other users of the area. It should assess any design options against a defined set of criteria to identify at the earliest stages any constraints and risks associated with each option. Project risks can be in the form of:

Consent / permissions risks – environmental protection of habitats or species present in area
Development or engineering risks – engineering or environmental conditions restricting ability to develop
Operational risks – environmental conditions reducing operational efficiency
Programme risks – certain options maybe unfeasible within planned project time frames
Or a combination of the above
Rocky shore biotope survey

Our Approach

Carcinus delivers robust and fit-for-purpose environmental site selection and feasibility studies by examining the following aspects:

A review of the habitats and species likely to be affected, with specific focus on priority habitats and species under relevant legislation
A review of physical environmental conditions that may affect construction and operation
The identification of likely sensitive receptors that will be potentially impact by the project
An initial high level assessment of the likely potential impacts to receptors
A risk assessment of each assessed project option in terms of risk to consent, development, programme or operation
Recommendations for progression of project options and future environmental studies.

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