East Tipner Environmental Impact Assessment

Intertidal Ecology Survey

We were recently contracted to conduct an ecological survey of the intertidal mudflat at East Tipner, Portsmouth. Our client was applying for planning permission to redevelop the brownfield land adjacent to the area, and our survey results have since been used to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment in the form of an Environmental Statement to support the application.

The survey followed a Phase I approach to characterise intertidal sediments, habitats and fauna with emphasis given to describing species / biotopes of conservation importance.

Carcinus Ecologist Intertidal Survey

Our expert ecology team began with a visual assessment to identify and record the main substrate areas and types. Within each distinct habitat, the substratum and characteristic species were identified using rapid in-situ inspection. Sediment type, geomorphological features and biological features were recorded.

An extended Phase I survey approach was adopted to record additional information like species composition and specific sediment type. Multiple cylindrical push cores (0.01 m2) were taken at 15 cm depth across the survey area for taxonomic and Particle Size Distribution analysis. Quadrats were also placed at coring positions, and further up shore to the river wall for SACFOR analysis of species abundance.

Intertidal Marine Environment - Phase I survey

Following the survey, our staff used the data collected in the field to produce a technical report, detailing the results of the biological and physical analyses, along with an indicative assessment of the species assemblage and ecological status at the site.

We are looking forward to seeing how the development at this site progresses.