Bringing Blue Robotics Products to UK Customers

Carcinus Ltd, a leading provider of marine and freshwater ecology services, has recently launched its online store, featuring a range of innovative Blue Robotics products. As UK distributors of Blue Robotics, Carcinus has long been committed to bringing cutting-edge technology to the field of marine and freshwater ecology.

Carcinus Ltd Store Banner - Blue Robotics Products

With this new online shop feature, UK customers can now easily access and purchase Blue Robotics products, making their underwater exploration and research more efficient and effective than ever before.

Carcinus has been the UK distributor for Blue Robotics since early 2019, when the two companies formed a partnership to offer innovative solutions for marine and freshwater ecology services. Blue Robotics Inc, a California-based company, is known for its high-quality underwater drones / ROVs such as the BlueROV2, sensors, thrusters and other accessories that are used for a variety of applications, including underwater exploration, research, and environmental monitoring.

A large range of Blue Robotics products are available to our UK customers for purchase, including the popular BlueROV2 underwater drone. This ROV, equipped with high-definition cameras and advanced sensors, provides an efficient and cost-effective way to explore the depths of the ocean and freshwater environments.

The online shop also offers Blue Robotics sensors, lights, batteries, thrusters, spares and other accessories that can be used to enhance underwater exploration and research.

According to Matthew Crabb FLS MIFM MRSB, Managing Director of Carcinus Ltd and Carcinus’ in-house Blue Robotics specialist, “We are thrilled to launch our online shop and offer our customers easy access to the latest in Blue Robotics technology. Our partnership with Blue Robotics has been a great success, and we are excited to continue to bring cutting-edge solutions to our customers in the UK.

BlueROV2 Blue Robotics ROV on survey in Southampton Water, UK

The launch of the online shop is just the latest development in Carcinus’ commitment to innovation and sustainability in the field of marine and freshwater ecology. The company has a long history of providing expert services and solutions for a range of clients, including government agencies, NGOs, and private companies.

Carcinus is also committed to sharing its expertise with others in the field. The company’s Ultimate Guide to Blue Robotics’ BlueROV2 provides a comprehensive overview of the capabilities and applications of this innovative underwater ROV and the capabilities of underwater drones. The guide includes information on the ROVs features, technical specifications, and examples of its successful use in marine and freshwater ecology services.

The online shop featuring Blue Robotics products is now live on the Carcinus website, and customers can easily browse and purchase products through the store page. Carcinus is also offering expert support and advice to customers who may have questions about which products are right for their needs. Simply drop us an email, or give us a call.

In addition to the Blue Robotics products, Carcinus continues to offer a range of expert services and solutions for marine and freshwater ecology services. From habitat mapping, to environmental monitoring, to project management, the company is committed to providing comprehensive and innovative services to its clients.

Carcinus Blue Robotics Distributor Testimonial