Aquatic Ecology Surveys at Robins Creek

Image of Robins Creek, Gravesend

Carcinus Ltd were contracted to conduct a series of aquatic ecology surveys in a small creek near to Northfleet Harbour, Kent. The surveys were designed to characterise the aquatic species inhabiting the creek. Our experienced ecologists identified that the creek was likely to be an estuarine environment and as such methods were used to sample a mixed fisheries assemblage and invertebrate communities. The survey was conducted to inform an Environmental Impact Assessment to support planned development works in the harbour.

An image of an ecologist on survey at Robins Creek

A Carcinus ecologist on survey at Robins Creek, Northfleet.

Aquatic ecology survey

As part of standard company practice, all necessary permissions and consents were gained before the outset of survey works. This included authorisation to fish using instruments (other than rod and line) under section 27A of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975 from the Environment Agency in advance of each survey. A detailed work plan and project-specific risk assessments were compiled prior to each survey and agreed with the client.

Image of a Carcinus ecologist deploying a seine net in Robins Creek, Northfleet

A Carcinus ecologist deploying a seine net in Robins Creek, Northfleet.

Carcinus ecologists completed the first of two surveys in December 2019, with the second and final survey being conducted in September 2020. On both occasions, the team cast a series of seine nets, collected infauna samples and set fyke nets.

Following the survey, our staff used the data collected in the field to produce a technical report, detailing the results of the biological and physical analyses.

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