Joshua Baker BSc (Hons) MSc

Marine and Freshwater Ecologist

After gaining an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology from the University of Plymouth in 2018, Joshua went onto study for a Master’s degree in Applied Marine Science. He brings significant experience of designing and conducting various ecological and marine surveys, as well as a passion for data manipulation and analysis.

Before joining Carcinus Ltd, Joshua was employed by the National Marine Aquarium (NMA) on a dual role, firstly as a member of the Public and Community Engagement team, but also as a technician on a Natural England led, EU backed project, involving multiple private and public sector partners. He represented this project at regional, national and international stakeholder engagement events.

Prior to his role at the NMA, Joshua carried out an extensive research project into subtidal habitat conservation as part of his Master’s studies. He oversaw every stage of the project, from initial survey design, right through to data collection, analysis and presentation to private and public sector bodies. His other notable research experience comes in the form of a large scale analysis of cetacean habitat ecology he completed during his undergraduate degree.

A commercially qualified SCUBA diver, Joshua brings a wealth of experience in this field and possesses an intricate knowledge of all stages of survey planning and delivery, including habitat sampling, underwater image capture and analysis, and faunal biodiversity survey.

Joshua joined the team here at Carcinus Ltd. In March 2020, and is an excellent addition to the team delivering exceptional environmental consultancy and ecological survey capabilities.

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Joshua Baker - Marine and Freshwater Aquatic Ecologist and Consultant

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