Lamprey Survey and Population Assessment on the River Itchen Special Area of Conservation (SAC)

Lamprey condition assessment

Carcinus Ltd has been commissioned by Natural England and the Environment Agency to undertake a catchment wide lamprey population study on the River Itchen, Hampshire. The River Itchen is a designated Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The river forms part of Natural England’s “Hampshire chalk catchment” focus area and covers approximately 310 hectares of classic chalk river.

Electrofishing and walkover survey

Lamprey ecological field surveys have commenced to assess the condition of sea, river and brook lamprey within the River Itchen SAC and SSSI using quantitative survey protocols outlined within the JNCC’s Common Standards Monitoring Guidance for Freshwater Fauna – Protocol 7.

Our team of aquatic ecologists will be calling upon their local knowledge and expertise to undertake a rapid walkover assessment and comprehensive electrofishing programme to identify lamprey habitat and quantify larval lamprey (ammocete) abundance. Field studies will assess the entire catchment and SSSI management units covering over 80km of river channel. Ecological surveys will conclude in October and will be followed by a full data analysis and condition assessment report.

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