Topographical survey services

Topographic Surveying

Topographic survey services by Carcinus includes: survey control network installation, laser scanning services, detail surveys in support of river channel surveys and beach profiling surveysOur topographic survey services are primarily focussed on supporting our hydrographic service offering and includes:

  • Survey control network installation
  • Laser scanning services
  • Detail survey in support of river channel surveys
  • Beach profiling surveys

Survey control network installation surveys are undertaken using a combination of high precision GNSS equipment and standard total stations. Control networks can be used to monitor ground movement as well as for the basis for further detail surveys and hydrographic surveys.

Laser scanning surveys that produce highly accurate and precise point clouds can be used for BIM modelling as well as 3D imagery that can be web published or used to derive standard survey deliverables such as plans, profiles and drawings. Static laser scan surveys can be integrated with dynamic multibeam and laser scanning surveys to produce point cloud datasets of water side structures e.g., harbours and ports; bridges; and coastal landscapes.

Carcinus offers dynamic laser scanning, static terrestrial scanning and standard total station detail surveys

A crucial part of river channel surveys is to map areas of importance within the riparian zone and beyond. This can be done by dynamic laser scanning, static terrestrial scanning or by standard total station detail survey, depending on the client requirements and the scale of the survey.

We carry out beach profiling surveys in support of flood risk management studies, beach reclamation projects and for assessing the engineering requirements for cable and pipe landfalls. Depending on the challenges of the area, we adapt a methodology accordingly, but the favoured option is to use a quad bike outfitted with high precision GNSS equipment.

Outputs for terrestrial survey services include standard mapping and charting as well as point clouds, structural modelling, digital terrain modelling, BIM level modelling, and EA flood modelling formats.

If you require more information regarding our topographic survey capabilities and services, please contact us.