Blue Robotics T200 Thruster

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The Blue Robotics T200 Thruster is the world’s number one underwater thruster for ROVs, underwater drones, AUVs, surface vessels, and more! The flooded motor design is powerful, efficient, compact, and affordable. The T200 thruster is in use globally on marine robotic vehicles including the BlueROV2 ROV by Blue Robotics.

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Product Description

The T200 Thruster uses Blue Robotics patented design consisting of a fully-flooded brushless motor with encapsulated motor windings and stator as well as coated magnets and rotor. The propeller and thruster body are manufactured from tough polycarbonate and all exposed metal components are made from 316 stainless steel (marine grade).

The fully-flooded design allows the motor to be water-cooled and the plastic bushings to be water-lubricated, eliminating the need for shaft seals, magnetic couplings, and air- or oil-filled compartments, resulting in pressure tolerant and compact thruster design.

The core motor design is a three-phase brushless motor, optimized for underwater use. A sensorless brushless electronic speed controller (ESC) like the Blue Robotics Basic ESC is required to operate the thruster.

These thrusters are optimized to run at a voltage of 16v like that provided by the Blue Robotics 15.6AH 4S lithium-ion battery pack; although they can run at a range of voltages. More details can be found on Blue Robotics technical details page.

The T200 Thruster includes both clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) propellers as standard. In addition, you need a speed controller like the Blue Robotics Basic ESC, a power source like the Blue Robotics 16AH lithium ion battery, and a signal source, such as our Thruster Commander, an RC radio receiver, or a microcontroller like the Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

There is a wealth of available technical information, charts, code examples, and tutorials on the Technical Details and Learn sections of this page as well as support through our online forum community. There you can find users doing all sorts of interesting things ranging from generative ROV design to freediving jet boots to lionfish hunting robots!

Applications of the T200 Thruster

The T200 Thruster is used on a number of underwater ROVs, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), and underwater drones including the Blue Robotics flagship ROV, the BlueROV2. The thrusters provide compact but powerful underwater propulsion on any ROV or underwater vehicle.

Another application of the T200 Thruster is for propelling robotic unmanned surface vessels (USVs) and flexible mounting options make it easy to use on just about any platform from a basic boogie board to commercial grade survey vessels and hulls.

Combining a T200 thruster and the Thruster Commander from Blue Robotics for control, a kayak or stand-up paddleboard (SUP) can be propelled at over 3 knots when two T200 thrusters are used.

The T200 thruster is also available with a fitted WetLink penetrator and ready for installation to the BlueROV2 as a spare part here.


  • 1 x T200 Thruster
  • 1 x Clockwise and counterclockwise propeller

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