Ping2 Sonar Altimeter and Echosounder

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The Ping2 sonar is a single-beam echosounder that measures distances up to 100 meters underwater. With a 25 degree beam width, 300 meter depth rating, and an open-source software interface it is a powerful tool for marine robotics.

The Ping2 can be connected directly to BlueROV2s that are equipped with a Navigator Flight Controller, no need for an adapter. If you want to connect it to a BlueROV2 equipped with a Pixhawk or to a computer via USB, you will need a BLUART USB to Serial and RS485 Adapter along with a micro-USB cable.

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Product Description

This is the updated version of the original Ping sonar, the Ping2 has an increased range to 100 meters and an improved physical design!

The Ping2 sonar is a multipurpose single-beam echosounder. It can be used as an altimeter for the BlueROV2 ROVs and AUVs, for bathymetry work aboard a USV such as the BlueBoat, as an obstacle avoidance sonar, and other underwater distance measurement applications. The Ping2 has a compact form factor and 300 meter depth rating with an open-source user interface and Arduino, C++, and Python development libraries to create a powerful new tool for marine robotics!

The Pings uses a 115 kHz transducer frequency, away from those used on most boat echosounders to avoid interference. It has a measurement range of 100 meters (328 feet) and a measurement beamwidth of 25 degrees, perfect for applications on a rocking boat or for obstacle avoidance. An advanced bottom-tracking algorithm runs on the device to determine the distance to the seafloor, even in complicated situations with multiple echoes.

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