Blue Robotics Ping360 Scanning Imaging Sonar

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The Ping360 is a mechanical scanning sonar for navigation and imaging. It has a 50 meter (165 foot) range, 300 meter (984 foot) depth rating, and an open-source software interface that makes it a capable tool for ROV navigation and underwater acoustic imaging. The Ping360 comes with everything needed for use on the BlueROV2.

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Product Description

The Blue Robotics Ping360 scanning sonar is a mechanical scanning imaging sonar, designed primarily to be used on the BlueROV2 and other ROVs to enable navigation in low-visibility water conditions. It can also facilitate applications such as inspection, obstacle avoidance, target location and tracking.

The Ping360 uses an acoustic transducer to sends a narrow beam of acoustic energy into the water and then listens back for echoes. That transducer is mounted to a motor that rotates it in one degree increments and as it does this it generates a circular image of the sonar’s surroundings with a maximum range of 50 meters.

When mounted on a BlueROV2, the sonar gives a top-down view of the ROV’s surroundings. Allowing the pilot to see echoes from objects like ropes, walls, dock pilings, rocks, shipwrecks, boats, fish, and any other structures or objects. These allow for reference points to help you navigate , regardless of water visibility.

The Ping360 is designed with an oil-filled section at the top that houses the acoustic transducer and an air-filled section at the bottom. It has an anodized aluminium case and a 1 meter cable with a pre-installed WetLink penetrator. It’s rated to a maximum depth of 300 meters (984 feet). It comes with an included bracket making it easy to install on the BlueROV2 and in other applications.

The sonar operates at an acoustic frequency of 750 kHz and has a beam width of 2 degrees horizontally and 25 degrees vertically. Electrically, it can be powered from any clean 11-25 V power source and it communicates via USB, RS485, or Ethernet.

The Ping360 connects to the open source Ping-Viewer application for control and data display.

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